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Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen - 2004 Movie Quotes

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  don't move on (full quote)
39286 Lola: life can be so randomly beautiful. (full quote)
39286 Ella: You can't - do this, Lola, everyone is depending on you, whaddabout, your parents and Sam, Sam has never been to a school function in his life, he's only going because of you! And what about me? I was miserable until you came to Dellwood. I thought everyone's life was like mine, just doing everything you're supposed to do when you're supposed to do it, never questioning anything. Ugh, the only thing I could expect when I grew up was a life like my parents' and then... I met you. You gave me courage, Lola. Because of you I'm brave enough to be different. Don't touch me! You're a sham! The one thing Carla can't do anything about is you being Eliza Doolittle, and you're just gonna hand it to her. (full quote)
39286 Lola: I like your... boots. (full quote)
  Shut Up!....I didn't say anything (full quote)
  -Not a quote just wanted to say that last one was from mean girls, get your movies straight (full quote)
  We've all hand enough Lola Have you had enough Lola... have you finally had enough? (full quote)
  lola: i just wanted to be more interesting. ella: more interesting? we're a thousand miles from home in a new york police station with a drunken rock star waiting for your dead father to show up, and you want to be more interesting? more interesting than what? (full quote)
  ella: you told me your father died in a motorcycle accident. lola: so i exaggerated a little. ella: a little? exaggerating a little is saying your a little taller, saying your father is dead when hes not is lying beyond comprehension! (full quote)
  ella: your belief system amazing me (full quote)
  Stu Wolf : I dont want coffee i want a deluxe hamburger platza with onion rings Lola ; Just give him coffe i dont think he can handle a meal right now Stu Wolf : I want onion rings Stu Wolf : do u think i have any real friends Stu wolf : do you know who i am i dont even no who i am (full quote)
  I want onion rings!! (full quote)
  lola i like that name (full quote)
inuwash Well good cause that's what you got. (full quote)