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Calamity Jane - 1953 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
37302 I didn't save you for no other female!! (full quote)
37302 I'll bring her Bill hitchcock, if i have to drag her back with my teeth!!! (full quote)
  you toothless old buffalo! (full quote)
  all right calam i paid my dept the next man that laughs is gonna get his head ventilated (full quote)
  oh calam the night that adelaid adams steps on that stage i'll come to the opening dressed as a sioux squal luggin a pamposse (full quote)
  Cain't wear shoes across the crick! (full quote)
  ohhh, that's female thinkin' (full quote)
  Mr, why I ain't no Mr, you thought I was a man? (full quote)
  I think I'll bust my corset strings in the pride o' just bein' asked. (full quote)
  here take him thank you now everybody get outta here all right that's enough do you hear bill hicock the funniest site i've ever seen calamity please please he's mad don't break up the show all right calam i paid my debt the next man that laughs is gonna get his head ventilated (full quote)
10929 Take me back to the Black Hills, the Black Hills of dakota. (full quote)