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Walking Tall - 2004 Movie Quotes

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22446 (1)What's the problem, Sherrif? (2)You, and the drugs you're peddling out of your casino. (1)Oh. The only thing that's going on in my casino right now is construction, you took care of that. (2)Yeah, that's right. I plan on taking care of everything else, too. (1)If you can. Try to think this through. A casino is a license to print money. Why would I jeopardize that by selling drugs? (2)Cause you own the town, Jay. That's changed now. (1)Really? See the only thing that I think is changed around here is that you get to wake up every morning and put on that nifty little badge, but underneath that badge is the same guy who couldn't make it playing college football, apparently couldn't make it in the army and not really gonna ever make it as a cop. (2)Is that right? (1)Yeah, and if you push too hard, you're going to be a man who never gets to see forty. License, please. Thank you, Sherrif. (2)Sir, get your tail lights fixed. That's your last warning. (1)What's wrong with my tail lights? *SMASH SMASH* (2)They're broken. (full quote)
  This is a town where people used to stand tall. (full quote)
  Hello Puddin! (full quote)
  You stabbed me with a potato peeler. (full quote)