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Ella Enchanted - 2004 Movie Quotes

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41946 You will never kiss him again! Wanna bet? (full quote)
41946 Ladies! Please stop licking the foyer! (full quote)
41946 Ladies! Please stop tonguing the foyer! (full quote)
  King edgar: Who are you going to believe? This lying little twit? Or the man who raised you? Heston tries to bite Char's leg, Ella kicks Heston away. Girl: He tried to kill Char!!! Char: Well! I guess that answers THAT question! (full quote)
  As they scrathched their newfound itches, Ella was off, glad to be rid of the b... witches (full quote)
47571 **singing** Can somebody find me, someone to love? (full quote)
47571 Hold your tongue Ella! (full quote)
49004 (1)I specialize in the art of origami.(2)Paper folding? (full quote)
chaparrita1121 1:Excuse me what is going on here 2:well can be at leat take him to go 1:put the nice man down (full quote)
chaparrita1121 Drop that crown (full quote)
twilightaddiction_01 1) And what does your girlfriend think about this? 2) I don't have a girlfriend...I have many. (full quote)
twilightaddiction_01 1) Just admit you're stupid and you don't know what you're talking about. 2) I'm stupid and I don't know what i'm talking about. (full quote)
twilightaddiction_01 as they scratched their new found itches, Ella was off, glad to be rid of those b...witches (full quote)
twilightaddiction_01 1) I am specialized in the noble art of eh...origami! 2)paper folding? 1)oh...i was hoping you wouldn't know that word... (full quote)
twilightaddiction_01 ladies!LADIES! stop tonguing the foyer! (full quote)
twilightaddiction_01 I bet he showers...NAKED! (full quote)
twilightaddiction_01 1) excuse me! what is going on here? 2)Could we at least take him to go? 1)Put the nice man down. (full quote)
twilightaddiction_01 1)You will never kiss him again! 2)Wanna bet? (full quote)