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New York Minute - 2004 Movie Quotes

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14963 What are you doing? Right now, that dog is my life. And when he poops, his poop is my life. (full quote)
  Its the curveballs that make life interesting... shows us what we're made of. And sometimes, if we're real lucky, there's a blessing waiting for us at the end of that wrong turn. (full quote)
  -there you are i aaam (full quote)
  - you know, you really ought to think about getting a carwash. - and you might want to think about buying a car. (full quote)
43778 1)I'M BUSY!2)If you're dizzy then you ought to lie down...1)I said I'M BUSY!2)Then get busy writing a check Lomax!! (full quote)
48652 Relax? How can I relax? My relaxation tips are in my day planner! (full quote)
48652 Listen, we need that book back. So meet us outside the Plaza Hotel in 30 minutes, or... I will eat your chips. (full quote)