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Born Yesterday (1950) - 1950 Movie Quotes

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Arsey 1.How about the story of your life? 2.Oh no. Much too long... and mostly untrue. (full quote)
Arsey A world full of ignorant people is too dangerous to live in. (full quote)
Arsey Would you do me a favor, Harry? Drop dead. (full quote)
Arsey One night I brought home a hundred dollars and gave it to him. Do you know what he did? . . . Well, it sure didn't do the plumbing no good. (full quote)
Arsey 1.what'S GOIN' ON AROUND HERE?! 2.A revolution. (full quote)
Arsey 1.Could have saved yourself the trouble. I don't read papers. 2.Never? 1.Yeah, once in a while the back part... the funnies. 2.I think you should. The, the front part ... the not-so-funnies. (full quote)
Arsey He always used to say, 'Never do nothing you wouldn't want printed on the front page of The New york Times.' (full quote)
Arsey 1.Shut up! You ain't gonna be tellin' nobody nothin' pretty soon! 2.DOUBLE NEGATIVE!! Right? 3.Right. (full quote)
Arsey 1.This country and its institutions belong to the people who inhibit it. 2.InHABit. 1.InHABit it. (full quote)
Arsey How d'ya like that! He could've had a hundred grand. She could've had me. Both wind up with nothin'.... Dumb chump!...Crazy broad! (full quote)
Arsey To all the dumb chumps and all the crazy broads, past, present, and future, who thirst for knowledge and search for truth..who fight justice and civilize each other...and make it so tough for crooks like you......AND me. (full quote)
Arsey I've got a yen for ya. (full quote)
Arsey 1.Don't you feel good? You want a aspirin? 2.No, no, I'm fine. In fact, considering I've been dead for sixteen years I'm in remarkable health (full quote)
10929 Look, when I say I want the whole floor, I don't want one wing and I don't want two wings. I want the whole bird. (full quote)
10929 You're just not couth! (full quote)
10929 Gin! (full quote)
  I oughta draw a circle around you! (full quote)
10929 Not bad, huh? (full quote)
10929 If you'd ever got dragged into court, a wife couldn't testify against her husband. (full quote)