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Stepford Wives, The - 2004 Movie Quotes

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  Guy 1:I used to work for AOL. Joanna:Is that why all the women are so slow? (full quote)
  Well, I'm sure we're all excited to be here at the Stepford women's Book Club, I can't tell you... (full quote)
  1:Aren't you Bobbi Markowitz? I love you're books, exspecially your last one. What was it called; about your relationship with your mother? 2:I love you, but please die! (full quote)
  1:I have to go home and make cupcakes! 2:Cause you've only made 5,000. (full quote)
10929 At Betty Ford. (full quote)
39758 what are you doing, making anthrax??? (full quote)
  So I asked myself, 'where would people never notice a town full of robots? Connecticut!' (full quote)
  Walter Kresby: only castrating, Manhattan career bitches wear black. Is that what you want to be? Joanna Eberhart: Ever since I was a little girl. (full quote)
  Joanna Eberhard: [seeing Bobbie as a robot] What... have... they... done to you? (full quote)
  Alright...Now it's time to slim and scrub. Let's all be washing machines! Chooga chooga chooga chooga chooga chooga [cont.]...spin cycle ladies! And woooosh! and Wooosh! and Woooosh! (full quote)
10929 You kind of look like Betty Crocker. (full quote)
  You Know what I'll Do? I'll Attach A Pinecone To My Vibrator And Have A Very Merry Xmas (full quote)
  I know, why don't i get a whole bunch of pine cones and spell BIG JEW in the snow on my front yard! (full quote)
  Claire - We like to call this routine CLAIRE-OBICS. Woman - Because her name is Claire. (full quote)
  Oh I feel like Nancy Drew solving the Midlife Crisis! (full quote)
24986 1) That man, Hank...before he tried to kill you he went to see his ex-wife and five of her new boyfriends. He shot all of them. The wife is in critical condition and 2 are on life support. (full quote)
24986 1) ...and this must be Joanna. Electroshock? 2) But she's doing so well. 1) Hello little energizer. (full quote)
  It was ugly. The next day, when I glanced across the table at their lifeless bodies, I thought, what have I done? Or better yet, what can I do to make the world a better place? So I created Mike because I knew that he was a man that other men would listen to. (full quote)