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Two Brothers - 2004 Movie Quotes

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Miles J 1-Was he always ferocious? 2-He was a very shy animal when he arrived here, full of fear. It's always fear that makes us into killers. (full quote)
Miles J Do you remember your father, was he a great lord of the jungle? Mine was. Did all other creatures shrink in his shadow? That's how it was with mine. Was yours disapointed in his son? No, perhapes yours was not. (full quote)
Miles J So you to think one must be cruel in this world... that one must be cruel to gain respect. (full quote)
Miles J I'm the one who took Kumal from the jumgle, I'm also the one who let you keep Sanga. So, this whole mess in my fault. If I don't do it somebody else will. I swear to you, after this is all over, I will never touch a riffle again, I'll leave the tigers and the statues in peace. (full quote)
  You bite me and I'll bite you back. (full quote)