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White Chicks - 2004 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  Teach him to say Yo quero taco bell (full quote)
  You can't say the N word! --No one's around! (full quote)
41409 Hasta la vista, schwarzanegro. (full quote)
41409 I'm calling your boss, no I'm gonna call the owner of the company, better yeat, I'm gonna write a letter! (full quote)
41409 your mother is so stupid, she went to Dr. Dre for a pap smear! (full quote)
41409 All that for a bag?! It's not just a bag, it's PRADA! (full quote)
41409 These bitches on some other shit! (full quote)
41409 Tell Latrell if he wants to use protection, there's an extra shower curtain in the bathroom! (full quote)
  Oopsie, I did a poopsie (full quote)
  your Momma's so stupid, she exercies when she could get like, liposuction (full quote)
  I AM SO FRICKEN PISSED (full quote)
  1.) Oh my god, she's going to have a B.F. 2.) A B.F? 1.) A Bitch Fit !!! (full quote)
  Thanks Rico Suave (full quote)
  your mom is so stupid she goes to Gucci and trys to buy...Prada!! (full quote)
  your mom is so stupid she goes to Gucci and trys to buy...Prada!! (full quote)
38508 your mothers so old her breast milk is powder You breast feed like this *poof* (full quote)
38508 ...I tell them to make me look like gwenyth paltrow and i come off the table looking like fricken shrek! (full quote)
  its tina the talking tummy!!! (full quote)
  triple t k a- time to totally kick ass! (full quote)
  i just hope stacys plane crashes on her way here -- OMG STACY-- what you were thinking it -- i know but you said it, you know she jst hates you because you slept with her boyfriend-- who cares i sleep with EVERYBODIES boyfriend (full quote)
  hi im cellulite sally.....look im tina tha talking tummy (full quote)
  you beautiful chocolate man, has anyone ever told you, you look just like denzel wasinghton (full quote)
  Oh my God...i think i'm going to have a bf...what does that mean...i'm goin to have a Bitch fit (full quote)
42529 your mother's ass is soo hairy, It looks like Don King is gonna pop out and say, Only in America (full quote)
  Did I say hot?.... I meant NOT! (full quote)
  Triple-T K A Time To totally Kick Ass (full quote)
  Don't hate me 'cuz you ain't me (full quote)
  Hold my poodle. HOLD MY POODLE!! (full quote)
  hi im ceullite sally, oh yea and whos this, oh yeah its backfat betty, now who could've said that? oh yea its tina the talking tummy!!!! somebody throw shamu back into the ocean! (full quote)
  i know you hookers don't think this is over yet! (full quote)
  darel man were are you this guy tryed to kiss me hes sang to me and on top of that hes been fartting for the last 20 min. Darel:ok ok im coming im oln my way (both hang up the phone) denzel: oh, cottontail white chick: im coming nigga (full quote)
  Once you go black, you go home in a wheel chair (full quote)
  Dear Mr. Royla Hamptons, Im A white woman in america! (full quote)
  Eeeasy...I won't bight...Unless you ask me to (full quote)
  OH what a beautiful chocolate man! ha ha haha!! (full quote)
  what a nice chocolate man...did anyone ever tell you, you look like Denzel Washington (full quote)
  Latrell: the decit the deception someone get this jigaboo away from me (full quote)
  Latrell : Eassyyy white chocolate, I wouldn't want you to melt. (full quote)
45062 hold my poodle! (full quote)
  Tori: I am so glad I got waxed today. Karen: Ugh, me too. What did you get? Tori: The Bald Eagle. Karen: I got the Bermuda Triangle. Lisa: The landing Strip. Marcus [as Tiffany Wilson] I got the Buckwheat. Karen: Ewww, that's sick. Marcus [as Tiffany Wilson] Ahh, what a beautiful sunny day! [shadow falls over body] Marcus: Oh, my God, what happened to the sun? Ahh! Latrell: Easy white chocolate, I wouldn't want you to melt. Marcus [as Tiffany Wilson] Yeah, hasta la vista Schwarzenegro. Okay, bye. (full quote)
  this is ain't a week end it's THE week end (full quote)
  only the hottest ppl r going to be there, and only the hottest of the hottest r going to make it onto the cover of hamptons magasine (full quote)
  tiffaby : Oh my God, Brittany! brittany : you were thinking it tiffany: i know, but you said it !!! (full quote)
  oh my god, ur lips!!! oh my god, ur nose ! (full quote)
  fo shizzle ma dizzle (full quote)
  squeeze me ?? (full quote)
  I'll have a panty dropper, a screaming orgasm, a slow comfortable screw bartender: and for you? Brittany: A blue balls on the rocks? Karen: I've tryed that, thats a really good drink! (full quote)
  Are you naughty or nice?Sorry not interested!Ill take that as naughty (full quote)
  Ur mom is so stupid that she exercises wen she can just get lyposuction or something! (full quote)
  Nice going Baskin and Robin. Or should I say Hag n' Daz? Well, well, well if it isn't Ben and Jerry? (full quote)
  You mean that you are not-Yes I am NOT a woman-WHITE! You diceived me! Did anyone tell you this is an ALL white party? Huh? Somebody get this jigaboo away from me! (full quote)
  sorry there new!! (full quote)
  i tell them to make me look like gwyneth paltro and i come off the table looking like freakin Shrek.. Oh my gosh. im going to have a BF. whats a bf? SHES GOING TO HAVE A BITCH FIT! (full quote)
  OMG do u know wat this means. wat. its tiem to go (in a really high voice) SHOPPING. (full quote)
  Come on guys open up, its your turn for the sleepover! Be right there were braiding our vaginas (full quote)
stinkir It might be summer in the Hamptons... but it is snowin' up in here! Tony - get my ski boots. Tss. (full quote)