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Owning Mahowny - 2003 Movie Quotes

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41579 No sex, no booze, no drugs. Our little roller is a purist. (full quote)
10929 I have a ... financial problem. A shortfall. (full quote)
10929 I don't want to use up all of Canada too soon. (full quote)
33944 You think we got a problem, Blin,?.... take a look at Mexico's foreign debt (full quote)
33944 1/_Why do you always walk around looking like a douch-bag? 2/_Some girls go for that kinda look 1/_NOT where I come from (full quote)
33944 1/_How much for the bags? 2/_We give them away free to our customers 1/_May I have one please? 2/_Are you a customer? 1/_No 2/_Then you can't have one sir, I'm sorry 1/_OK then, how much for the bags? (full quote)
33944 1/_How do you rate the thrill you got from gambling on a scale of one to a hundred? 2/_(long pause) Mmmmmmm hundred 1/_What about the biggest thrill you've ever got outside of gambling? 2/_(long pause)Twenty 1/_Twenty?... how do you feel about living the rest of your life with a max of twenty? 2/_(long pause)Ok..... twenty's ok (full quote)