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Powderkeg - 1971 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
10929 I lied. (full quote)
33944 If thou canst beat them, join them* umm... Johnny Reach 1914 (full quote)
33944 Hank Brackett & Johnny Reach (full quote)
33944 1/ We are supposed to deliver Paco (Morales), alone and alive, precisely there (on the map), which is 20 miles closer to the border than the stretch of track they're on now 2/ Uh huh... and in the meantime, what you want Johnny and me to do is to pull 73 passengers off a moving train, in wide open country, without being seen, and if we are seen, they're all killed, is that the job? 1/ I told you, it can't be done 2/ Oh now, I didn't say that (full quote)
33944 1/ you were once a man of the people, your name was spoken with admiration, you once rode with Zapata, you stood side by side with him, how do you wish to be remembered? AS you were then or what you do now? 2/And how do you wish to be remembered? With a bullet hole between your eyes? (full quote)
33944 Now you see, amigos, you see... the school boy learned a lesson, a man is a man or he ain't (full quote)
33944 1/ What do you think, Hank, will your plan work? 2/ Oh Billy.... It's pretty hard to do slight of hand with your fingers crossed, I'll tell ya! (full quote)
33944 If they ever get organised, I'd hate to have to be the one to deal with 'em (full quote)
10929 A born loser but an awful good sport. (full quote)