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Christmas with the Kranks - 2004 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
42348 1) Any messages? 2) Yeah, Santa called and told me I'd have to buy my own cheap perfume this year because you're skipping Christmas. (full quote)
42348 1) I can't belive I went along with this stupid idea. 2) Stupid idea!? Yesterday you said I was a genius 3) Yeah, well now you're stupid. (full quote)
42348 Strange as it might seem it, never occured to me to ask the butcher if he had any chocolate (full quote)
42348 1) I'm bringing home Enrique! 2) What's a reekay? (full quote)
42348 1) You're going to let $500 come between us and a cruise? 2)No. You are. (full quote)
42348 Skipping Christmas? It really was a dumb idea. Well...maybe next year. (full quote)
10929 You're skipping Christmas? Isn't that against the law? (full quote)
  Spike: Are you sure this isn't illegal? Luther: Are you a cop?! (full quote)
  (Last lines) Luther: Skipping Christmas, what a stupid idea! Nora: Maybe next year (full quote)