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Fat Albert - 2004 Movie Quotes

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  Fat Albert: Hey, hey, hey! Who wants to play? (full quote)
  Hey Hey Hey (full quote)
15499 Hey, I know big, and you my friend... are *big* (full quote)
15499 Are you ready? 'Cause when I buck-buck, you better duck-duck. (full quote)
15499 Kid in Classroom: What's that on your head? Dumb Donald: It's my hat. Kid in Classroom: Why don't you take it off? Dumb Donald: Cause I have no face! (full quote)
15499 Bill: See? THAT'S who we are. Rudy: Yeah, and we're coming out on "divda." Bucky: what's "divda?" (full quote)
15499 Oh, people wait 'til you get to the top of the stairs, then they knock. WHO IS IT? (full quote)
15499 My hebba hurt! (full quote)
15499 You're like school on Saturday: no class. (full quote)
15499 Bucky: what do we do *now*? Dumb Donald: I don't know. Bucky: I *know* you don't know, I wasn't talking to you. Dumb Donald: I wasn't talking to *you*. Bucky: Then who *were* you talking to? Dumb Donald: I thought I was talking to *her*. Bill: Guys, cut it out (full quote)
15499 Oh you found my backPACK! (full quote)
15499 I know a dog named Doris! (full quote)
15499 Oh. I can't take off my sweater because... I don't know what's under it. (full quote)
15499 I have done guest spots on Bugs Bunny and The Jetsons and I have never been treated like this. I am so *out* of here! (full quote)