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Wedding Date, The - 2005 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  I'd rather be fighting with you than making love with anyone else. (full quote)
  Wow. You're worth every penny. (full quote)
  The hardest part is finding someone that you love, and letting them love you back. -Nick (full quote)
  I think I would have missed you even if I hadn’t met you. -Nick (full quote)
  If you know her shit, and she knows all of yours and at the end of the day you rather give up then keep on trying then you are never going to know what could have been. (full quote)
  I think I'd miss you even if we never met... (full quote)
  I think I'd miss you, even if we'd never met (full quote)
  Heres to the losers who lost you, and the bastards who've yet to have you (full quote)
  The hardest part is finding someone that you love, and having the courage to let them love you back. (full quote)
  Nick: Is that when he peed his pants? (full quote)
  it's nothing that a bottle of Jack and a straight edge razor couldn't fit (full quote)
  Well I'd shag ya, if that's alright with you. (full quote)
  a (full quote)
45840 The hardest part isnt loving someone, but finding the courage to let them love you back. (full quote)
  NickWeddings are a celebration of love and commitment... in utopia. In the real world they're an excuse to drink excessively and say things you shouldn't. (full quote)
  Nick: I'd rather fight with you than make love to anyone else. (full quote)
beekers Oh, God, I think I've just cum. (full quote)
beekers 1: what's with the socks? 2: It's a golf themed bachelorette party. (full quote)
12341 Will someone by my whoha a drink? (full quote)
  heres to the husbands who've won you, the losers who've lost you and the lucky bastards who get to meet you. (full quote)
  Kat:You know i still feel like i no nothing about you. Nick: Well im allergic to fabric softener, i hate anchovies, and i think i would miss you even if we never met. (full quote)
  ur my 1/2 sister but i whole love u (full quote)
  I'm allergic to fabric softner. I'm majoring in comparative literature at Brown. I hate anchovies. And I think I'd miss you even if we'd never met. (full quote)
  women get exactly the love they want. (full quote)
WeatherWolf Every woman has the exact love life she wants (full quote)
WeatherWolf Why are you spending one more moment on that horse's ass when Mr. Tie me up tie me down is right over there? (full quote)
WhiskeyGirl1102 Look at those buns. Fresh from the bakery. (full quote)
couraegous holy're worth every penny. (full quote)
chaparrita1121 How do you know so much... about so much (full quote)
matthew ya well the lady in the hat just eye fucked the shit out of me (full quote)