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Robots - 2005 Movie Quotes

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46482 why be you when you can be new (full quote)
  your Father loves you very much, With our friends and family plan you can talk to him 500 minutes a month free nights and weekends. (full quote)
22367 (taking photos) Inside of you is a fashion model just waiting to throw up. (full quote)
22367 1: You consider me a friend? 2: Sure. What else would I consider you? 1: I don't know. An embarrassment, a way to rebel against your parents, a desperate cry for help. The list is endless. 2: Let's just stick with friend. 1: You know, Rodney, even though you had a discouraging day, remember, (cheerful) there's another one coming tomorrow. You know, my last roommate jumped out that window. (full quote)
  Freshly Brewed Grease (full quote)
  whoa!! i didnt know i could do that. (full quote)
marvin mcgoo I got a plan.Lets get on that train! (full quote)