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Kaleidoscope - 1990 Movie Quotes

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43385 Did you think i would let you humiliate me forever, you think i would forgive and forgive (full quote)
43385 oyu can't take them away from me, i won't let you (full quote)
43385 you can't take them away from me, i won't let you (full quote)
43385 please don't leave me here (full quote)
43385 Alexandra: Sometimes I think nothing I do ever suits you. Don't I ever do anything right? (To her critical, southern husband) Meagan: I can't believe you married a senator. You have two beautiful children. You live in such a wonderful house. Alexandra: My wonderful house is more like a shrine to Henry's parents. He was born there. In the fourteen years I've lived there, he hasn't even allowed me to change a lamp shade. Don't get me started on all that. Alexandra: You know what I remember is not so much what happened, it's more, it's like the color of things, not the things themselves. Till now. Alexandra: You know, when Emily was about three months old, she looked at me, I mean really looked at me. And I realized that even though she came from my body, she wasn't a part of me. I saw her separateness. There was somebody inside this tiny little infant. It completely changed the way I thought about raising children. Meagan: How so? Alexandra: From the beginning, we are who we are. Hopefully we have parents who can help us get better at it. Alexandra: It reminds me of a kaleidoscope I gave Mary-Louise, last year for her birthday. You turn it a fraction and the same pieces fall into completely different patterns. One moment they're flowers, the next they're demons breathing fire. (full quote)
43385 SAM: arnt you going to ask me how it went. MUM: I can see how it went. SAM:Whats the matter with you. MUM: I'm tired of it, i can't live like this anymore, your extravigences, your excesses. Do you think this appartment makes up for it. I'm leaving you and i'm taking the girls. SAM:I won't let you. MUM: You've cheated on me for years. SAM: It's not true. MUM:I know who you took to california, i know who you where with last night and it doesn'matter because i don't care anymore,i'm leaving you and i want a divorce. SAM:I won't give you a divorce so don't ask again. MUM:I don't have to ask you, now that i've thought of it, i could have had 50 divorces by now. SAM:You want some kind of proof. MUM:i don't need proof there is nothing left between us. I pity you SAM:don't say that. MUM: DID YOU THINK I WOULD LET YOU HUMILIATE ME FOREVER. YOU THINK I WOULD FORGIVE AND FORGIVE.didn't it ever occur to you that finally i would care for someone else, for comfort, for love. I'm leaving you because i'm in love with someone else. SAM:What do you mean. Well who is it. MUM: Arthur. SAM: no, no i don't believe you. MUM: It started years ago, we'd meet in the afternoons in his appartment, i was with him at his house in Coneticut when you.... SAM:Shutup. MUM:Why don't you take the girls with you, why don't you take them with you. MUM:There not all you girls. (SHE TOLD HIM THAT MEAGAN WASN'T HIS CHILD, THAT SHE WAS yourS.) sam: dAMM YOU (KILLS HER) YOUNG HILARY: No, daddy, no, stop.................................................. (full quote)
43385 YOUNG HILARY: Uncle Arthur is going to take you and Meagan on a little trip. ALEXANDRA: Where are we going. YOUNG HILARY: Back to New york. ALEXANDRA:Are you coming. YOUNG HILARY: No not now. ALEXANDRA: Then i don't wanna go. YOUNG HILARY:You have to, if you don't go then Meagan will be scared. ALEXANDRA:But what if i get scared. YOUNG HILARY: You won't be frightened. because wherever you go, you'll alway know how much i love you, i want you to alway always remember that. I love you Aksi, thats all. YOUNG HILARY HUGS ALEXANDRA) (full quote)