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Football Factory, The - 2004 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
46065 jog on (full quote)
46065 are you tryin to mug me off you cunt? (full quote)
  see you, you little cunt, i'll cut you first! (full quote)
  After all that you really do have to ask yourself if it was all worth it... course it fucking was! (full quote)
  Are you gonna sit in some poxy office with a cunt for a boss telling you what to do as you count your pennies trying to make ends meet in a country that's sinking into strikes and wars and at the end of the day you go home to your cosy little flat in 'nowheresville' and pull your IKEA curtains shut to hide from the big bad world and pretend it's not happening? Or are you gonna stand up and be counted, make a difference and feel the rush? Just for once say 'fuck it'. I'm coiled up like a spring and I'm ready to burst and wanking ain't doing it anymore. I need violence to make me feel I'm still alive. I know what I'd rather do, mate. Tottenham away. Love it! (full quote)
  you're more confused than scooby doo! (full quote)
  Don't get lemon bill it don't suit you spell it ya cunt C U N T i ment lemon soppy bollocks (full quote)
  i'd smash the granny outta that (full quote)
  Yeah but everyone thinks were thieving little cunts...... That's beacuase you are thieving little cunts (full quote)
  dont get lemon bill it dont suit u - spell it ya cunt - c u n t cunt! - i meant lemon soppy bolox (full quote)
  now whats your problem the fact thats u gotta open ur cebab shop in 5 minutes, or the fact u buy ur charlie of a white man? - well how does it feel doing business with a turk...when ur meant to be right wing...skoobe doos less confused than u ya prik (full quote)
  dont fuck about pee'im! (full quote)
  dont punch above ur weight ya long streak of piss - well stop punching ur old woman about then wanker!! wot'd u fukin say u mug - u fukin 'erd ya fat fukin prik (full quote)
  I was expectin some cork flakes and quick wank, instead i get a nutter in stone island jumper and a blade in me face. (full quote)
  I was expectin some corn flakes and quick wank, instead i get some nutter in stone island jumper and a blade in me face. (full quote)
  were are you from mate? just around! You are a fucking chelsea areĀ“nt? yea. You flash cockney bastards, you know stanley? (full quote)