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Sahara - 2005 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  1)Aw come on guys, I was hoping to meet a girl on the Australian trip. 2) No way, African warzone; ship of death. (full quote)
  1 what took you so long?, 2 i stopped for coffee, 1 did you get a reciet? 2 yeah i got one for you too! 1 your the best Al! (full quote)
46367 Eva, we'll get through, huh. (full quote)
41321 1: your death would look pretty bad in the papers. 2: So does the word plague. (full quote)
41321 1: I'm sorry, I don't speak English. 2: You are speaking English right now. 1: No, I only know how to say, I don't speak English in English. (full quote)
41321 1: What's a Panama? 2: It's a Navy thing. 1: I didn't know you were in Panama. 2: We weren't in Panama, we were in Nicaragua. 1: So why do you call it a Panama? 2: Because we thought we were in Panama! (full quote)
41321 1: Al, did you bring the explosives from Massardes? 2: Couldn't find them... 1: Al... 2: I didn't have time... 1: Al! 2: [yells] Of course I brought the explosives! (full quote)
  1. Well, that was a new one! 2. Yeah, we're home free now! (full quote)
  1. Well, that's a new one. 2. Yeah, we're home free now. (full quote)
  Decision making paradigm (full quote)
  You do throw like a girl (full quote)
  Dirk Pitt: What do you do if you're about to be exposed as the biggest polluter in modern history? Al Giordino: I don't know, run for president? (full quote)
Wolverine Al Giordino: [after going outside and being shot at] Next time, *you* go! Dirk Pitt: What the hell took you so long? Al Giordino: What? I stopped for coffee. Dirk Pitt: Get a receipt? Al Giordino: Yeah, I got a receipt, and I got you one, too! Dirk Pitt: You're the best, Al! Al Giordino: You know what? I'll even get you the money from Sandecker! (full quote)
Wolverine Al Giordino: I am so tired of being shot at! (full quote)
mgoc11 "...Wait till Sandeckker hears about this, he's gonna FREAK!" (full quote)
mgoc11 Panama?, what's a panama? (full quote)
10929 The last ironclad ship to run the Union blockade. (full quote)