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Kronos - 1957 Movie Quotes

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46800 [newspaper headline] LABCENTRAL CHIEF ADVISES H-BOMB FOR KRONOS! (full quote)
46800 --Why Susie? --Very simple. Synchro - Unifiying - Sinometric - Intergrating - Equitensor. (full quote)
46800 [newspaper headline] ASTEROID TO BE EXPLODED IN UPPER ATMOSPHERE (full quote)
46800 [newspaper headline] DANGER AVERTED! ASTEROID PLUNGES INTO PACIFIC (full quote)
46800 [newspaper headline] FANTASTIC MONSTER DISCOVERED (full quote)
46800 >LESLIE:small> Can you cook? small>VERA:small> Cook?! I wrote the book! (full quote)
46800 ARNOLD: Input level okay. Feedback negligible. Cathode checks. Susie, speak to me! VERA: Seems like your girlfriend's getting temperamental. (full quote)
46800 >VERA:small> Susie gets a lot more attention than I do. (full quote)
46800 >ARNOLD:small> Susie's back on deck and rarin' to go. (full quote)