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D.E.B.S. - 2004 Movie Quotes

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48700 What's your beef with the Australians? I don't like their attitude! (full quote)
  janet> theyre calling you a hero, when really...your a slut
amy> what-ever.
janet> a GAY slut!
amy> IM NOT GAY!! (full quote)
  love is harder than crime. (full quote)
  the world could be destroyed while you are napping! (full quote)
  i just wanted you to know that last night was the most alive ive felt in a while...but i guess ill see you around. same bat time or whatever... (full quote)
janet>why are you yelling?! (full quote)
  whats that film, with jodie foster and the pit...with the dog? silence fo the lambs, your THE LAMB, AMY. (full quote)
  there is no time for egos, this is not girl scouts. this is espionage. (full quote)
  game over, diamond. (full quote)
  game over, diamond. (full quote)
  hey, ive been thinking. that whole lezzy thing....kinda hot. see ya tonight babe! (full quote)
  SARA, DO YOU EVER WEAR BRAS IN your MOVIES? (full quote)
  did you just snap my bra? (full quote)
  max: i dont care if you are the perfect score- janet: perfect WHORE. (full quote)
  you cannot control matters of the heart, it is madness to try... (full quote)
  or we could, um, go and have sex? (full quote)
  bingo! I AM THE GOD OF BINGO. (full quote)
  lucy: do i look okay? scud: this is retarded. (full quote)
thanatoz19 Max: Who's your best friend? Amy: You are my best friend. Max: And what did I say to you the very first day at the Academy? Amy: That's my bunk, bitch. Max: After that. (full quote)