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National Lampoon's European Vacation - 1985 Movie Quotes

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  Your mom's calling you to dinner? I'll hold... (full quote)
10780 look kids big ben (full quote)
11392 My family and I are looking for sex. (full quote)
1501 I can't get right! Look kids! Big Ben; Parliament! (full quote)
1501 #1: Those bells haven't rung in years. They're going to hang somebody! #2: Dad! (full quote)
  (Family on the train) Rusty:(beating loudly on his tape player) BABE I KNOW...that I do yes I do...I know. Oh yeah...Cause I know it. (full quote)
1501 The hills are alive, with the song of Griswald! (full quote)
1501 The hills are alive, with the sound of Griswald! (full quote)
  (russ)dad i think he's gonna pork her. (clark)he's not gonna pork her russ. (russ) no dad really look. (clark) ok, he may pork her (full quote)
  Oink! Oink! We'll be pigs! (full quote)
1501 So, what do you wanna watch: cheese or snow? (full quote)
20195 Honey, when did you stop shaving your legs? (full quote)
  i miss jack! (full quote)
  You wanna go scarf some grimace proportions? (full quote)
Magpie A: There it is kids. My mother's land. B: Dad, grandma was born in Chicago. A: Shut up Russ. (full quote)
1501 #1: It's their culture. #2: Dad! They're from Cleveland! (full quote)
  (yelling out)RUSTY!!!, (Rusty, right beside him, yelling out) what!!! (full quote)
  WAITER(In French): Obviously you don't speak French, you don't understand a damn word! (full quote)
10929 -Clark, you're on the wrong side of the road! -Yes, I know, honey. I'm also on the wrong side of the car. (full quote)
10929 -Can I get you anything to drink? -I guess I'll have a Coke. -Do you want that in the can? -No, I'll have it right here. (full quote)
10929 -There's Buckingham Palace, kids. That's where the Queen lives and works. -what does she do? -She queens. And she vacuums. (full quote)
10929 -Look back there! -Yeah, it's a hooker. -Look who she's with! (full quote)
  After going shopping and wearing goofy clothes: (Audrey)Hey you look cool!(Russ) I FEEL cool! (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe They been doing this for eons in France... (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe Upper! Upper! (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe Souffle means...souffle... (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe Hey, Dad! Look--bedpans! (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe #1: Could you please unlock your legs from mine? #2: No. (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe #1: Would you like that in the can? #2: No, I'll have it right here. (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe The Histroy of Early Hungarian Cabinet-Making. (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe Yeah, well who've I got be fit for? (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe I think I'm gonna like this democracy-stuff... (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe I have a mild case of herpes... (full quote)
10929 Holiday Road. (full quote)
  1. I'll have a Coke. 2. Would you like that in the can? 1. No, I'll have it right here. (full quote)
  Clark: Hey look kids! Rusty and Audrey: We know....Big Ben. Clark: Parliment! (full quote)
  I wanna paint, I wanna sculpt, I wanna create!!....wheres the mens room? (full quote)
  Do you wanna watch snow or cheese? (full quote)
  informationo,I need the number for Pan Am, (pause) Pano Amo? (full quote)
  Just think of it as a big sock! (full quote)
  Yup...The Grizwalds are back!!! (full quote)
47955 Waiter: Ill bring some dishwater, youll never know the difference (full quote)
slowjay If the hat bothers you, the hat bothers me. (full quote)