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Fantastic Four - 2005 Movie Quotes

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  A= Let's not fight. B= No, let's. (full quote)
  It's Clobbering time (full quote)
  You think you have problems? Look at me, and then still say you've got problems (full quote)
  nurse: Oh! You're hot! Jonny: Thank-you so are you (full quote)
  Susan: Look at me. Reed: I can't. (full quote)
  Susan: Don't even think about it. Johnny: Never do. (jumps of building) Flame on (full quote)
  Doctor: your entire biophysical structure is changing. Victor: That's terrible news. (kills doctor) I think I'll get a second opinion. (full quote)
  Susan:You don't want to walk around on fire for the rest of your life, do you? Johnny: Is that a trick question? (full quote)
  Johnny: Hey, guys. (snaps his fingers - his fingers light fire. Snaps his fingers again - fire goes out) Now pictue that,... but everywhere! (full quote)
  Johnny: (to Ben-thing) Dude... where's your... *ears*? (full quote)
  what's the worst that could happen? (full quote)
  1: No more jokes about the way i look. 2:call me Mr. Sensitivity. Everyone clear out! Wide Load coming through, Look Out, he's HUGE! (full quote)