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Waiting - 2005 Movie Quotes

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  So you're the coolest guy at Shenanigans, thats like being the smartest kid with down syndrome (full quote)
  She broke the CARDINAL rule...dont fuck with the people who handle your food! (full quote)
  So if anyone asked i fucked you......twice (full quote)
  Hey yo bitch, what makes you think I won't cut you? (full quote)
  You, Why Dont You Change your Tampon And Have Another Drink You Crazy Fucking Bitch (full quote)
  You! you know what, you're too easy (full quote)
  It's so angry! (full quote)
  1)*Name*, I invented my own penis game! 2) You quit? 1)Yea. How'd you know that *progressively gets quieter* (full quote)
  1)what do you think about *name*? 2)I think she's illegal. 1)I've made peace with that. (full quote)
  That's Naomi, she's been working here for WAAAAAAAAY too long (full quote)
  If I knew it was gonna be this type of party I would have stuck my dick in the mashed potatoes (full quote)
  Correction to last post.... this is gonna be one of them parties where I stick my dick in mash potatoes. (full quote)
  Momma said I got magic shoes...Momma said they'll take me anywhere. Course Momma used to beat me with rubber hose and call me retarded. (full quote)
  its too bad chlamydia has to be a venerial disease, its such a pleasant sounding word. chlamydia? chlamydia. chlamydia .i think i might name my daughter chlamydia. (full quote)
  You were like the little engine that couldn't hold his load! (full quote)
  eat at shenanigans..enjoy your at shenanigans...calvin works here! (full quote)
  How do you feel about frontal, male nudity? (full quote)
  you've got balls. i like balls (full quote)
  If heterosexual males can't show eachother there testicles, then what can we do. (full quote)
  let me ask you a question. how hard is your job? how intelligent do you have to be to take a food order? (full quote)
  i'll have a single shot of whiskey.. and a double shot of whiskey & she'll have a water. oh, what the hell, it's our anniversary. bring her a pepsi. (full quote)
47866 Oh Monty, just so you know, I'm only a minor for a few more days, I turn 18 on Friday....*Well, I dont have much time then.... (full quote)
  Let me describe Monty's amazing sexual prowress. He's barrel into me with that pathetic excuse for a child's penis and it would end so quickly, so abruptly I wouldn't have time to feel any morbid accidental amusement towards his 'technique'; which was basically him seizuring on top of me for about oh 45 seconds. While I layed there trying not to laugh, or cry. (full quote)
  This is bullshit! I have been here all day!! All goddamn day and You haven't let me say one word. monty: well- Oh you shut the fuck up asshole, it's my turn to talk!! You're all fucked in the head!! All of you!! You, go change your tampon and have another drink you crazy fucking bitch. And you, you're all waaaah, i don't know what to do with my life. Go join the fucking army!!! And you... you know what, you're too easy. And you, FUCK YOU MONTY!! You always gotta be right, with you little quips. We get it your edgy and cool, you're the coolest fucking guy at shenanigans. That's like being the smartest kid with down syndrome!!! (full quote)
  1)You know Naomi, if you ever need counseling or something like anger management or alcoholsm I'd be happy to do it for you. 2) You'd really do that for me?? 1) yeah. 2) Thank you, i appreciate that. But I think i'd like it if you JUST WASHED THE FUCKING DISHES AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!! GODDAMN THIS BABBLE BULLSHIT ASSHOLE!!! (full quote)
1759 Well you know what they say...birds of a feather flock to vagina! (full quote)
1759 Carpe deez nuts! God I can't wait to quit this job! (full quote)
1759 Welcome to the thunderdome bitch! (full quote)
1759 Hey Bishop, I created my own penis showing game (full quote)
1759 Ladies and gentleman we have our first official beotch of the day. (full quote)
10929 Well, Alzheimer's can't be all bad. You get to meet new people every day. (full quote)
pippi420 With women, it's always one of two things. Either they won't sleep with you, and then there's really no need to ever call them again. Or they DO sleep with you... and then there's really no need to ever call them again. (full quote)
peteschock MONTY~....And these two fun loving pieces of wanna be gangster shit, are Nick and Tino. TINO~ How many fucking times have I told you, it's Fucking T-Dog Yo! MONTY~ Sorry G. NICK~ Hey yo bitch! What makes you think I won't cut you?! MONTY~ Ahhhhh, Come on now dog, you know I'm just fucking with you!!! You know I give you the mad, fat, super fly, stupid, dope, dumbass, retarted, bombshit Props!! NICK~ YO!, It's almost 420 let's go......... (full quote)