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Beauty Shop - 2005 Movie Quotes

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  you cant fire me cuz i quit (full quote)
beekers Is she droppin' it like it's hot? (full quote)
beekers 1)This comin' from the woman who had Popeye's cater her wedding 2)It was Church's 1)It was chicken 3)Hey, I ain't mad at ya! (full quote)
beekers I thought the best thing to happen to Jorge's was Jorge (full quote)
beekers 1)I have an appointment with Mercedes. 2)She no longer works here. 3)Oh, that's okay, we'll take Porsche, then. 2)She's no longer here, either -- we got rid of all our foreign cars. (full quote)
beekers Gina, is that monkeyfish catbread lady going to be here today? (full quote)
beekers Ms. Angeline, she always used to skim off the top of my fish dinners. She said she was a Christian, but you know, I think she's La Cosa Nostra! (full quote)
beekers 1)Look at that. Now that's just too much booty. 2)If there was a plane crash, we could eat for days. (full quote)
beekers 1)What am I supposed to do about the piano playing coming out of there? 2)I will try to play quieter. (full quote)
beekers 1)Let's talk about inter-racial love. 2)Girl, you know you black! (full quote)
beekers Are we the only shop in Atlanta you like to harrass? (full quote)
beekers How bout some fresh monkeybread -- ee! -- I made it myself this morning! (full quote)
beekers I've got some Don King issues! (full quote)
beekers Hey! quiet, y'all, Oprah's on! (full quote)
beekers Please let his sarcastic ass be here! (full quote)
beekers Yeah, cuz that's Auntie Gina's baby...okay. (full quote)
beekers 1)What do you know about doing black folks' hair? 2)I'm not gonna screw it up, if that's what you mean. (full quote)
beekers Either I'm still buzzin' from last night's party or Miss Angeline done come up! (full quote)
beekers 1)My name is Mrs.Towner. 2)Well, what can we do for you today, Ms. Towner? 1)MRS. Towner! That's T as in Tom, O as in Othavie, W as in Wallacoochie, Georgia, and ner as is in...I don't live near here. (full quote)
beekers 1)When'd y'all get so integrated in here? 2)This morning! (full quote)
beekers You ain't tryin' to brighten up the place, you's tryin' to whiten up the place! (full quote)
beekers 1)You paid $8000...per titty? 2)Yes. And I they were worth every penny. I love them. 1)Girl, you could have bought yourself a Saturn with that money! (full quote)
beekers What the hell is he going to do, braid your scalp? (full quote)
beekers He was blowin' up my phone, my girlfriends' phone, my mama's phone, so I did what I had to do and I went ghetto on his ass. Know what I did? I told him I was pregnant and I haven't seen the brother for 10 years. Now, a white girl would have gone to the police station and filed a restraining order that would've pissed him off even worse. Then he woulda been waiting outside in the bushes with a butcher knife, ready to kill a bitch... (full quote)
  Is it because i'm black.IS IT BECAUSE I'M BLACK! (full quote)