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Saw II - 2005 Movie Quotes

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  Oh yes, there will be blood (full quote)
46889 Those who don't appreciate life, din't deserve one (full quote)
46889 Oh yes, there will be blood (full quote)
  Why don't you shut up?! Because the only door you know how to open...IS BETWEEN YO' LEGS!!! (full quote)
  Let the games begin (full quote)
  I've played before.... (full quote)
  The note said dont use the key... (full quote)
  You have more in commmon then you think... (full quote)
  WE FOUND A DOOR! (full quote)
  1. If its stuck its a trap.. 2. Lady this whole house is a trap... (full quote)
  When your in hell the only person that can help you is the devil... (full quote)
  Think of like finding a Needle in a hay stack...Hahaha (full quote)
33944 [Tagline] Oh Yes, There Will Be Blood (full quote)
Jigsaw I hear ticking! (full quote)
Jigsaw Actor #1: What do you think the cure for cancer is, (actor #2)? Actor #2: What? Actor #1: The cure for cancer. Actor #2: I don't know, but I know it's not torturing and murdering people for your own sick fucking pleasure. Putting a gun to someone's head and forcing them to pull the trigger is murder. Actor #1: Since when is forcing a problem for you? You frame innocent people. (full quote)