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Sky High - 2005 Movie Quotes

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39645 The cafeteria has requested that the sidekicks stop ordering hero sandwiches. (full quote)
  Car (full quote)
  Not even a swarm of guines pigs? - Nope - sideKICK - Bite Me! (full quote)
48774 A: what if I told you it's not just her twin, it's her EVIL twin?
B: This Friday, you say?
A: Medulla, you dog! (full quote)
  Warren: You want me to heat that up for you? Layla: You're not allowed to use your powers outside of school. Warren: I was just gonna stick it in the microwave. (full quote)
  Will: So you don't have your powers? Zack: No, dude, you think I'd even show up today if that happened? (full quote)
  There's only one person authorized to transport superheroes and that's Ron Wilson, bus driver. (full quote)
Claire Warren Peace : To let true love remain unspoken is the quickest route to a heavy heart (full quote)