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American Pie Presents Band Camp - 2005 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  ive got 10 pounds of maturity danggling right here (full quote)
  bite my nuts and call me skippy (full quote)
  mmmm...100% Spiffy Juice (full quote)
  1)i'm moaning! 2)oh my god you are?! 1) no i'm just saying that to make you feel better (full quote)
15499 Are you an asshole?You're hairy and you smell like shit! (full quote)
15499 I'm so drunk right now... I'm probably gonna forget about you... porkin' an oboe! (full quote)
15499 Well how bout I take his beanie....and put it on my weenie! (full quote)
15499 How's that taste, Vande-cock? Mmmm... good, huh? Warm and salty? Yeah, it's a CUM-pletely new formula! 100% Stiffy Juice! SPF 69! (full quote)
15499 Let's go Horndog. That's his nickname. Dude will stick his dick in anything, it's unnatural. (full quote)