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Dirty Love - 2005 Movie Quotes

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  Here's to the men that we love, here's to the men that love us, but the men that we love never love us, so fuck all the men, here's to us (full quote)
  It's time to go fishing, baby... TOUCH MY BASS, REBECCA!!! TOUCH MY ----ING BASS! ... Please? (full quote)
  Hey, wait... Are you guys hiring? Because no one cares about love anymore! I mean, why not have sex and get paid for it? Who cares if my vagina falls off from all the diseases out there! I can take the open sores! (full quote)
48751 Let me give you a tip: buy yourself a mango, cut it in half, practice. (full quote)
tessab27 Did you sleep with Charlie the Tuna last night or do you need to douche? (full quote)
tessab27 It's not bubblegum, you don't chew it! (full quote)
tessab27 Is it because you just don't understand the vagina? I'd be happy to draw you a chart. (full quote)
tessab27 Oh my God! I can not get last night out of my head. Richard! Richard and that little... wait, what was her name? Oh yeah... whore... (full quote)
tessab27 Carrie: Have you seen my boobs lately? Rebecca: Yeah, they're pretty. Carrie: Of course they are and you know why? Because I don't fucking jog! (full quote)
tessab27 What you need to do is get your titties done like me. I might be hungry, but I look good. (full quote)
tessab27 The hardest love to learn is that which is dark, the kind that causes the most pain. It is up to the soul to look past that dirty love and regain the beauty that illuminated so bright before... pure love. (full quote)