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RV - 2006 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  Bob: (after seeing Carl flipping Todd to the ground) Yo, dawg! (full quote)
  Yo, My Mobile home Boys, What's Trippin' In The Wood? (full quote)
  Mom! Some idiot just parked an RV outside our house! O my god! It's your husband! (full quote)
javila0212 And your on the South Bitch Diet.. (full quote)
rmdoka Scottsdale! In the zoner, ya'll that's a hardcore hood, but you want take on my man C here, go ahead because you know, he's fierce, he gonna come up in your face he gonna major damage you, you gonna walk away maybe limp but I say talk to the hand, call waiting, 'cause he's out, boy is ou... I can't restrains him 'cause I'm conversatin' you right now to give him a chance to cool down, to get back to a realistic level, as it were because we could be chillin' in our crib, not just on this mobile home thing, representing Malibu, and Westwood, you know. Mallin' it like we all can, boys to mensh, pimp my Mercedes, call me back, put you on hold, you know what I'm sayin'? (full quote)
rmdoka Yes I'm lost, because our daughter doesn't know where her friend's house it. She knows it's next to the house with the fountain. (full quote)
rmdoka Turn It Off! (full quote)
rmdoka I'm no expert in waste management, but won't the fecal matter come out the top hole? (full quote)
rmdoka Fire in the hole! (full quote)
rmdoka Hey dad. Son, maybe now's the time to confess to you your dad's not the master of all things. Yea, I kinda got that when you started taking advice from morons. (full quote)