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Nacho Libre - 2006 Movie Quotes

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MovieWitch Señor Ramon: There is no flavor. There are no spices. Where are the chips? Nacho: Somebody stole them. Señor Ramon: Did you not tell them that they were the Lord's chips? (full quote)
MovieWitch Nacho: I'm not listening to you! You only believe in science. That's probably why we never win! Esqueleto: We never win because you are fat! (full quote)
MovieWitch Did you not realize I've had diahrea since EASTERS? (full quote)
MovieWitch Anyways, I was wondering if you would like to join me in my quarters this night for some toast. (full quote)
MovieWitch Listen, I know the wrestlers get all the fancy ladies, the clothes, and the free creams and lotions, but my life is good. Really good. I get to wake up every morning at 5:00 a.m. and make some soup. It's the best. I love it. I get to lay in a bed by myself all of my life. It's fantastic. (full quote)
MovieWitch Sister Encarnación: Can I come in? Nacho: No, people might get the wrong idea about you. Like maybe you are a floozy. (full quote)
MovieWitch Chancho. When you are a man sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It's for fun. (full quote)
MovieWitch Nacho: Do you remember that one time when everyone was shouting my name and I used my strength to rip my blouse? Esqueleto: Yeah. And I saw them knock you unconscious, alright? (full quote)
  Do you not realize that I have had diarrhea since Easters? (full quote)
  People don't think I know a buttload of crap about the Gospel, but I do. (full quote)
  mucho take it easy!! (full quote)
  Hey. Let go of my blouse. (full quote)
namadra (sung) I am a singing at the parteee! (full quote)
mistervertigo I ate some bugs, I ate some grass, I used my hand to wipe my tears (full quote)
kryss21 Get that corn outta my face! (full quote)
pmbtx My life is gooooood. Real goood. (full quote)
pmbtx 1) Summon your eagle powers. 2) What do you think I am doing? (full quote)
bluewatafrog342 Nacho: Chanco, lemme borrow some sweats. Chancho: are you leaving us? Nacho: No, I am not leaving you Chancho, just lemme borrow some sweats. (full quote)
bluewatafrog342 I hate orphans! I hate all of the orphans in the whole world! (full quote)
bluewatafrog342 Secret tunnels... (full quote)
bluewatafrog342 How come we can't just have like a salad? (full quote)
bluewatafrog342 Save me a piece of that corn for later! (full quote)
mrsvzqz Chancho, I need to borrow some sweats! (full quote)
mrsvzqz Esquelito, shaka la mano! (full quote)
mrsvzqz This is the worst lunch I have ever eaten, don't you realize I have had diarrhea since Easters! (full quote)
chaparrita1121 I look hideous!!! (full quote)
tommyrgd Those eggs were lies Stephen! They gave me no eagle powers! They gave me no nutrients. (full quote)
tommyrgd These clothes might have the appearance of riches but beneath the clothes is just a man...and beneath the man is...his nucleus. (full quote)
RiemannianSphere #1 Where are your robes, Ignacio? #2 They were...stinky. (full quote)