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benchwarmers, the - 2006 Movie Quotes

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RobinA Gus: Clark, could you not pick your nose in front of me? Clark: I'm not picking, I'm scratching. Gus: Scratching what? your brain? Clark: Yeah, 'cause it's huge. (full quote)
RobinA Richie: He just did that steroid free! Clark: What's steroids? Richie: Something that makes your 'pee-pee' smaller. Clark: Ohh... there must be steroids in macaroni! (full quote)
bball4life6 H: hey guys, how did hitting the balls go ? R: we payed an actual game against real ppl it was classic. and i hit a foul dude it was sweet. H: you gotta videotape it next time so i can see. R: buddy just come with us. G: yea and you could use a little sun. H:no, sun scary, sun bad. it wants to hurt me, i'd rather be SAFER. R: i know, sun bad as u coo coo H:Richie?... R:o C:oo is that apple juice? R:noooo. (full quote)
bball4life6 R:shouldn't you be home and play with your dolls. BBP:shouldn't u be home blowing a doll up, cause thats the only action a tool like you is ever gonna get. U: ha R:take it our on the ball not his head (full quote)
lezzy6 Checkout MEGA-MIT! (full quote)