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Accepted - 2006 Movie Quotes

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  i want to blow shit up with my mind. (full quote)
  Ask me about my weeeeinerrr! (full quote)
  This kitchen is bitchin' (full quote)
  glen: we could have a battle royale rory: ...what is that. (full quote)
47880 Hands: Shrader, you were afraid to try the new flavor of Dr. Pepper. Shrader: I told you that in confidence, Hands! (full quote)
47880 I don't want to be here when the walls start to bleed. (full quote)
47880 Oh great! The birthplace of crack (full quote)
47880 (Holding a strawberry) what ARE YOU?? (full quote)
47880 college is for pussies!! (full quote)
47880 1: Alright what do you want? 2: your razor scooter and a fake id. 1: No way am I letting you drink! 2: So I can vote, dumbass! 3: You need a razor scooter to vote? (full quote)
47880 (About the tooth fairy) That's actually a legitimate fear. She was rifiling through my shit. (full quote)
47880 I hope you have hobo stab insurance. (full quote)
eparkerbaby Sherman Schrader: Who was that? Bartleby Gaines: Oh, that's our mascot Sherman Schrader: A sandwich? You're the SHIT Sandwiches? (full quote)
eparkerbaby You know a lot of people say that college is a time when young men and women expand the way that they look at their world when they open their mind to new ideas and experiences and when they begin that long journey form the innocence of Youth, to the responsibilities of Adulthood... now isn't that a load of horse shit! AHAHAHAHA! (full quote)
eparkerbaby Oh great, an abandoned psychiatric hospital! Now I can get Hepatitis! (full quote)
eparkerbaby Sherman Schrader: [screams loudly and high-pitched] Bartleby Gaines: Schrader what the hell? Sherman Schrader: It would be really cool if you guys didn't tell anyone I scream like that... (full quote)
eparkerbaby 1: Glen since when have you been working at the kwik and stop? 2: Since I got boned HARD by every college I applied to 1: Why what happened? 2: Some political crap. I got a zero on my SAT's. 3: You do know you get 600 points just for signing your name right? 2: DAMNIT! (full quote)
eparkerbaby I'm going off the grid. No more Franchises, no more botox, no more "Hey, oh, lets clone another goat," and certainly no more sexual harassment lawsuits, what's wrong with saying "Hey, nice tits." When did that go out the window? (full quote)
eparkerbaby Look, we throw a lot of fancy words in front of these kids in order to attract them to going to school in the belief that their gonna have a better life, and we know that all were doing is breeding a whole new generation of buyers and sellers, BUYERS AND SELLERS! Pimps and whores, PIMPS AND WHORES! and indoctrinating them into a life long hell of debt and indecision! (full quote)