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Stay - 2005 Movie Quotes

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angelamusgrove Sam Foster: What's this? Henry Letham: I burned myself. Sam Foster: You burned yourself? Why? Henry Letham: Practicing for hell. Sam Foster: Why do you think you're going to hell? Henry Letham: Because of what I did. Because of what I'm gonna do. Sam Foster: What are you going to do? Sam Foster: You're going to try to kill yourself? And how serious should I take this thread? Henry Letham: Saturday at midnight. It's what I'm going to do. Sam Foster: Okay, you've gotta know that everything just changed, if you talk to me about suicide I'm required to take certain actions. Henry Letham: Wait, just deal with him, and, we'll talk about it next time. Sam Foster: There's a next time? Henry Letham: Yeah. Yeah, we got three days. (full quote)
angelamusgrove Lila Culpepper: You know, the day I did it, I took two razorblades to the bathtub. You know why? Because I knew that once I started to bleed, I'd get weak. And I didn't wanna drop one blade and leave myself half done. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine hating your life so much that you'd wanna bring a backup razor? (full quote)