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Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan - 2006 Movie Quotes

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  My wife, her vagine, it hang down like wizard sleeve (full quote)
  I like you, do you like me? (full quote)
  Very nice! How much? (full quote)
  Oh, Very Nice! Like Dirty Harrald. make my day...Jew. (full quote)
  what's up vanilla face. It's just pimps no hoes
(full quote)
  what's up vanilla face. It's just pimps no hoes
(full quote)
  where can I find woman with shaved vagine (full quote)
  In America, women can choose who they have sex with.
This is a good thing
It is not good for me. (full quote)
40905 1.I like you, do you like me? 2.Of course I like you. 1.You are my friend? 2.You're a nice young man and, yes, I am your friend. 1.You will be my boyfriend? 2.No, I won't be your boyfriend. 1.Why not?
2.Okay, yeah, I guess I can be your boyfriend.
(full quote)
  high FIVE!!!!!!!!!! (full quote)
  look who has an embassy here! fuck you! you motherfuckers! (full quote)
  Why don't we follow her and make a sexy time? (full quote)
  Great success! (full quote)
  Why don't you make yourself useful and dig your mother a grave! (full quote)
replicant9 But why California? What's there? Pearl Harbor is there...and so is texas. (full quote)
replicant9 I want to have a car that attract a woman with a shave down below. Well that would be a Corvette or a Hummer. A man yesterday tell me if I guy a car...I must buy one with a pussy magnet. He means a car that women will like. Yes, but where you keep this magnet? No, there is not magnet! That was just - He just means the vehicle. women love the Hummers. Do this have a pussy magnet? No. The vehicle itself will be the magnet. If I give you a good price... will you please put in pussy magnet? (full quote)