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Eragon - 2006 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
Miles J That's the spirit; one part brave, three parts fool. (full quote)
Miles J Great battles rage around you. (full quote)
  i hated that man 'til the day he died (full quote)
  The son doesn't choose the father (full quote)
  (after Saphira & Eragon kill the group about to attack Murtagh) i guess we're even! (full quote)
  Better to Ask Forgivness than Permission (full quote)
  Some Friends can't be replaced. But luckily some don't have to be (full quote)
ragemonkey One part brave, three part fool. (full quote)
Duckie only My Voice is Gentle, Old man (full quote)
Duckie King Galbatorix: I Suffer without my stone, Do NOT Prolpng my suffering! (full quote)
Duckie Arya: Poor Durza, How will you tell the King? You Failed. (full quote)
Duckie Eragon: You can hear my thoughts?! Saphira: I've waited a 1000 years to hear your thoughts, and now you can hear mine. I Am Saphira. And you are my rider. (full quote)
Duckie Eragon: When will I see you again? Arya: Time moves quickly, only yesterday you were a farmboy, today you are a hero, tomorrow we may see us together again. Eragon: Then I'll be waiting for tomorrow. (full quote)
FutureHunter94 Brisingr! (full quote)