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Blood Diamond - 2006 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
10929 God left this place a long time ago. (full quote)
10929 T.I.A. This is Africa. (full quote)
10929 That diamond is my ticket out of this God forsaken continent. (full quote)
StarDancer Sometimes I wonder if God will ever forgive us for what we have done to each other, then I look around and I realize God left this place a long time ago. (full quote)
elizabethann5201 I am using him and you are using me (full quote)
winchesteralyx I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. (full quote)
ALEXORANGE That diamond is my ticket out of this God forsaken continent. (full quote)
rmdoka Dia, What are you doing? Dia! Look at me, look at me. What are you doing? You are Dia Vendy, of the proud Mende tribe. You are a good boy who loves soccer and school. Your mother loves you so much. She waits by the fire making plantains, and red palm oil stew with your sister N'Yanda and the new baby. The cows wait for you. And Babu, the wild dog who minds no one but you. I know they made you do bad things, but you are not a bad boy. I am your father who loves you. And you will come home with me and be my son again. (full quote)
rmdoka Short sleeve or long sleeve? (full quote)
rmdoka You know Solomon thinks his son will be a doctor someday? Maybe his baby dies in that camp, maybe his daughter gets raped. Who knows, maybe both. Do you realize that that diamond is his only chance of getting his family out of here (full quote)
rmdoka You're right. It's like one of those infomercials with African kids with swollen bellies and flies in their eyes. See here I've got dead mothers, I've got severed limbs, but it's *nothing* new. Sure, it might make some people cry if they read it, maybe even write a check. But it's not going to be enough to make it stop! I'm sick of writing about victims but it's all I can fucking do! Because I need names, I need dates, I need pictures, I need bank accounts. Which is to say that I need someone to go *on* record. And if that's not you, and you're not really gonna help me, and we're not really gonna screw, then why don't you get the *fuck* out of my face, and let me do my work? (full quote)
rmdoka Here we say that the freedom is in your hands, so if you go against us, so go your hands (full quote)
rmdoka No, no, listen here my friend, listen here all right. I'm good friends with Colonel Coetzee, Colonel Coetzee would not be pleased that you've interfered with his business. Now, you know who I am, all right? You don't wanna make trouble for me or my friends right? Now look, why don't I just look the other way, all right, you take one or two of those stones, you get something lekker for the wife, or maybe the mistress all right? We solve the problem right here? (full quote)
rmdoka Listen, listen. They came into this city overnight. It's started. What are you gonna do about it, huh? Look, the right stone can buy anything - safety, information, even freedom, but a big stone does not stay secret for very long. The moment you tell anyone about it, your life is absolutely worthless! The only reason you're still alive is because you haven't told anyone where it is. Am I right? Am I? (full quote)
rmdoka Who do you think buys the stones that I bring out? Dreamy American girls who all want a storybook wedding and a big, shiny rock like the ones in the advertisements of your politically-correct magazines. So, please, don't come here and make judgments on me, all right? (full quote)