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Happy Feet - 2006 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
oxjazmynexo Just a moment. I hear people wanting something... ME!
(full quote)
oxjazmynexo I'm speaking clear penguin!
(full quote)
oxjazmynexo Kiss my frozen tushy! Kiss it, kiss it!
(full quote)
oxjazmynexo Leopard Seal: Remember dumplings, I know where you live.
Ramón: Yeah, it's called LAND, lardface! (full quote)
oxjazmynexo Man, how're we gonna tell his mama he brought us all the way out here just to kill himself?
(full quote)
oxjazmynexo Ramón: We got personality, with a capital Y. Why? Because we're hot! (full quote)
oxjazmynexo Ramón: You did everything penguinly possible. (full quote)
oxjazmynexo Ramón: We sing the heart of our true friend Mumble. You are a nation of teeny weeny, pibbling pickolini, piddily diddily poof! (full quote)
oxjazmynexo Mumble: It's just like... singing, with your body.
(full quote)
babygoth90290 Ramón: Just a moment. I hear people wanting something... ME! (full quote)
babygoth90290 Gloria: You stubborn, hippity-hoppity fool! (full quote)
babygoth90290 Leopard Seal: Come here, sausage. I take you with ketchup! Ramón: Yeah, but first you gotta catch up! [laughing] (full quote)
babygoth90290 Ramón: You know, chica chica boom boom. Mumble: You are not interested in chicas? Raul: You kidding? Ramón: Without us, the chicas got no boom! [laughs] (full quote)
babygoth90290 Memphis: Whatcha doin' there, boy? Baby Mumble: [tap dancing] I'm happy, Pa! Memphis: Whatcha doin' with your feet? Baby Mumble: [looks down] They're happy, too! (full quote)
babygoth90290 Ramón: You just got to do exactly what I say! Mumble: Okay. Ramón: Did I say "okay"? Mumble: No. Ramón: No. what did I say? Mumble: Do exactly what you say. Ramón: EXACTLY what I say! (full quote)
babygoth90290 Mumble: I'm being spontan-you-us! (full quote)
babygoth90290 Ramón: I like big tails and I can't deny! (full quote)
babygoth90290 Raul: what you huggin me for? Ramón: He told me to. Raul: Get away. Ramón: No, you like it! (full quote)
babygoth90290 Norma Jean: You don't have to be beautiful, to turn me on. I just need your body, baby. Male Penguin #1: Hello... Norma Jean: From dusk 'til dawn. Male Penguin #1: Is it me you're lookin' for? Norma Jean: You don't need experience. Male Penguin #2: Take... Norma Jean: To turn me out. Male Penguin #2: These broken wings. Norma Jean: You just leave it all up to me. Male Penguin #3: Let's talk about eggs, baby. Let's talk about you and me. Norma Jean: Mm-mm, mm-mm. You don't have to be rich to be my pearl. Don't have to be cool to rule my world. Ain't no particular song I'm more compatible with. I just want your... [turns to the huge crowd of males following her] Norma Jean: Boys, boys! Give a chick a chance! Memphis: [appearing on the crest of a hill] Well, since my baby left me I found a new place to dwell. It's down at the end of Lonely Street at Heartbreak Hotel. And I said, I'm feelin' so lonely, baby. I'm feelin' so lonely. Norma Jean, Memphis: I'm feelin' so lonely... Norma Jean: ...I could die. Memphis: You don't have to be rich to be my girl. Norma Jean: Don't have to be cool to rule my world. Memphis: You rule my world. Norma Jean: You're the particular song I'm compatible with. Memphis: I just want your... Norma Jean, Memphis: ...extra time... and your kiss. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (full quote)
babygoth90290 Ramón: STOP! Lemme tell something to joo... I know size can be daunting... but don't be afraid... I love you! (full quote)
babygoth90290 Ramón: Yeah, I saw an animal do that once and then they rolled him over and he was dead. (full quote)
babygoth90290 Gloria: Daylight deals a bad hand... [Mumble taps his feet] Gloria: Baby, uh-uh, it don't work [Mumble taps his feet again] Gloria: Baby, uh uh uh, uh-uh [Mumble taps his feet again] Gloria: Uh uh uh, uh [Mumble taps his feet again] Gloria: Uh uh uh, uh [Mumble taps his feet again] Gloria: Uh uh uh/So slowly... [Mumble taps his feet along while Gloria sings] Gloria: So slowly into hearts of those who/Need more than they get/Daylight deals a bad hand/To a penguin that has laid too many bets/The mirror stares you in the face and says/"Baby, uh-uh, it don't work!"/You say your prayers, though you don't care/You sing and you/Shake the hurt... /DANCE! (full quote)
babygoth90290 Ramón: Big guy. Let me tell something to you. Come close. Don't be afraid. You want answers? Mumble: Yeah. Ramón: Thats all you need? Mumble: Yeah. Ramón: Nothing else? Mumble: No. Ramón: Then this is very easy. You go see Lovelace. Raul, Lombardo, Néstor, Rinaldo: Yaaaah. Lovelace Raul: Genius Ramon. Ramón: Thank you Raul: You are the man. Ramón: I right now take a moment for myself. Bow down, bow down. [All Amigos bow to him] Raul: You the man, you the man. Ramón: Thats enough. I feel your love. (full quote)
RamsGirl11 Gloria, I adori ya, I'd like to see more o' ya! (full quote)
Sharpless 1."What are you doin' boy?" 2."I'm happy pa." 1. "What are you doin' with your feet?" 2. "They're happy too." (full quote)