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Disturbia - 2007 Movie Quotes

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miannone Kale: I'm having a kid. your little boy's growing up. I got a girl pregnant, now I gotta go visit her. She lives in Reno, I don't know how I'm gonna get there. Probably have to take Mom's car. But we're gonna live together. We're gonna live in the trailer park. Her name's Shirley, she's real great. (full quote)
miannone Kale: I like that you're one of the three people in the world who likes pizza-flavored chips. (full quote)
Romantik I've seen a lot. I mean, not like that, I mean...for instance, I've seen that you're maybe one of three people in the world that likes pizza flavored chips. You're also the only person I've ever seen that spends more time on the roof of her house than in her actual house. What you're doing? You're reading books. Not US Weekly or Seventeen, but you're reading substantial books. You do this thing where it's like an OCD thing, but it's not. It's whenever you're leaving your room, you grab the doorknob and turn like you're getting ready to leave. But you stop and you back up and you turn to the mirror and you stare at yourself. But it's not like a "I'm so hot" type of stare, it's more of a "Who am I really?" And to ask yourself that, that's so cool. Also you look out of the window all of the time like I do, only you're looking at the world, you know. Trying to figure it out, trying to understand the world or figure out why it's not in orde like your books. I'm only looking at you. (full quote)