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Letters from Iwo Jima - 2006 Movie Quotes

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10rmdoka Everything happens in threes (full quote)
10rmdoka I don't know anything about the enemy. I thought all Americans were cowards. I was taught they were savages. (full quote)
10rmdoka For our homeland. Until the very last man. Our duty is to stop the enemy right here. Do not expect to return home alive. (full quote)
10rmdoka We soldiers dig. We dig all day. This is the hole that we will fight and die in. Am I digging my own grave? (full quote)
10rmdoka The United States is the last country in the world that Japan should fight. (full quote)
10rmdoka We will make a run for Motoyama. There is no cover for 2 kilometers, it will be every man for himself. See you on the other side, if not on this earth, then in the next world. (full quote)
10rmdoka We will build those underground fortifications. And fight till the end. (full quote)
10rmdoka He studied the Americans. So he knows how to beat them. (full quote)
10rmdoka There are so many cars in America. I must watch where I walk (full quote)
10rmdoka If our children can live safely for one more day it would be worth the one more day that we defend this island. (full quote)
10rmdoka I am determined to serve and give my life for my country. (full quote)