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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - 2007 Movie Quotes

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10rmdoka You can fight and all of you will die, or you can surrender in which case only most of you will die. (full quote)
10rmdoka You all, listen to me! LISTEN! The other ships will still be looking to us, the Black Pearl, to lead, and what will they see? Frightened bilge rats aboard a derelict ship? No, they will see free men and freedom! And the enemy will see the flash of our cannons, and they will hear the ringing of our swords, and they will know what we can do! With the sweat of our brow and the strength of our backs and the courage in our hearts! Gentlemen, Hoist the Colors! (full quote)
10rmdoka Cuttlefish... eh... let us not,dear friends,forget our dear friends the cuttlefish... bind them up together and they'll devour themselves without a single thought... Human nature,in'it? Ooor... rather fish nature... So yes... we could hold up here well-provisioned and well-armed... and half of us would be dead within the month! which seems grim to me no matter how you slice it! Or as my colleague so naively suggested, we can release Calypso, and God-willing, she will show us mercy... I rather doubt it. Can we just ignore that she is a woman scorned, the fury the likes of which hell hath know? We cannot. And so, we are left with but one option. I agree with, and I cannot believe the words that are coming out of me mouth... Captain Swann. (full quote)
10rmdoka Stow it! Both of you! That's an order! Understand? (full quote)
10rmdoka Jack! The world needs you back something fierce! (full quote)
AmySully89 Nobody move. I think i dropped my brain. (full quote)
Fallen_Angel Beckett: Do not blame Turner, he was only the tool of the betrayal. If you wish to see it's grand architect, look to your left. Barbossa and Liz: *Look to their left and see Jack* Jack: *Looks to his left; sees no one* My hands are clean in this. *Looks at dirty hands* Figuratively. (full quote)
Fallen_Angel Jack: Up is down"? Well, that's just maddenly unhelpful. (full quote)
Fallen_Angel Barbossa: [at the gathering] The betrayer is not among us. Liz: where's Will? Jack: Not among us. (full quote)
Fallen_Angel Jack: Ladies! Will you please shut it? Listen to me. Yes, I lied to you. No, I don't love you. Of course it makes you look fat. I've never been to Brussels. It is pronounced "egregious". By the way, no, I've never met Pissarro but I love his pies. And all of this pales to utter insignificance in light of the fact that my ship is once again gone. Savvy? (full quote)
Fallen_Angel Barbossa: [at the gathering] There's not been a gathering like this in our lifetime. Jack: And I owe them all money. (full quote)
Fallen_Angel Jack: Nobody move....I lost me brain. (full quote)
Fallen_Angel Jack: How’s Mom? Teague: *shows Jack a small head* Jack: She looks great. (full quote)
Spydr14 My Peanut. (full quote)
Suchaleaguer No wind, of course there's no bloody wind. On my soul I do swear, not a gust, a whisper, a tiny miniature lick. Yes, I know, but why would he do that? Well, because he's a lummox, isn't he? And we'll have a magnificent garden party and you're not invited (full quote)
falcon3 Barbosa: DYING IS THE DAY WORTH LIVING FOR (full quote)
knightmare it wasnt you burden to bear... (full quote)
JohnnyDeppluvr Jack: Did anyone come to save me just because they missed me? (full quote)
Hands0305 Balbossa: What arre you doing? Jack: What are you doing? Balbossa: No, what arrre you doing? Jack: No, what are you doing? [short pause] captain of the ship gives orders Balbossa: The captain of the ship is giving orders Jack: My ship, makes me captain Balbossa: They be my charts Jack: Well that makes you ... Chartman! (full quote)
SadekPL Barbosa: World seemed to be a bigger place before. There used to be place for both of us. Jack: No, The world is the same, there is just less stuff in it. (full quote)
rnjfan_9697 Keep a wheather eye on the horizon... (full quote)
rnjfan_9697 listen to the tool. (full quote)
rnjfan_9697 That, love, is a dinghy. My vessel is magnificent, and fierce, and huge-ish, and....gone. Why is it gone? (full quote)
rnjfan_9697 B.B.T.) This ship has a purpose again, and where we are bound, she cannot come. One day ashore, ten years at sea. It's a steep price for what's been done. W.T.) It all depends on the one day (full quote)
rnjfan_9697 1) Jack, the armada's still out there, the Endeavour's coming up hard to starboard, and I think it's time we embraced that oldest and noblest of pirate traditions... 2) Never actually been one for tradition....luff the sails and lay on iron! 3) Belay that, or we'll be a sitting duck. 2) Belay that 'belay that.' 1) [tries to interrupt]: But captain... 2) Belay! 1) The armada... 2) Belay! 1) The Endeavour... 2) Belay! 1) But we... 2) SHUT IT!! (full quote)
rnjfan_9697 2) Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Will you marry me? 1) I don't think now is the best time! 2) Now may be the only time! I love you. I've made my choice. What's yours? 1) Barbossa! Marry us! 3) I'm a little busy at the moment! 2) Barbossa! NOW!! 3) Fine then! [gets up on table] Dearly beloved, we be gathered here today... 2) Elizabeth Swann, do you take me to be your husband? 1) I do. 2) Great! 1) Will Turner, do you take be your wife, in sickness and in health, with health being the less likely? 2) I do. 3) As captain, I now pronounce may may kiss...JUST KISS!!! [They kiss passionatley] (full quote)