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The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra - 2001 Movie Quotes

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JThomas101 Skeleton: I Sleep Now! (full quote)
JThomas101 Ranger Brad: Well again I didn't mean to throw a damper. Believe me that's the last thing I'd like to throw. I don't want to throw anything at all really. But when folks are horribly mutilated, I feel it's my job to tell others. We take our horrible mutilations seriously up in these parts. Betty Armstrong: I'm sure you do. Honey, the Ranger's just doing his job. Dr. Paul Armstrong: Of course he is. I'm sorry Ranger Brad. I guess all this talk of horrible mutilation has me on edge. Ranger Brad: That's all right Dr. Armstrong. This horrible mutilation has a whole lot of people on a whole lot of edges. (full quote)
JThomas101 Ranger Brad: We take our horrible mutilations seriously around these parts (full quote)
JThomas101 The Farmer: Stay on this road here, past Dead Man's Curve, you'll come to an old fence, called The Devil's Fence. From there, go on foot till you come to a valley known as The Cathedral Of Lost Soap. Smack in the center is what they call Forgetful Milkman's Quadrangle. Stay right on The Path Of Staring Skulls and you come to a place called Death Clearing. Cabin's right there, can't miss it. (full quote)
JThomas101 Well, I suppose if I had wanted a safe life, I wouldn't have married a man who studies rocks. (full quote)
lahannegan Dr. Roger Fleming: I like the way you aliens think. Kro-bar: You Earth fools are not so lacking in the thinking and then being triumphant area, also. (full quote)
lahannegan Lattice: The mutant has Betty. We are aliens. Dr. Paul Armstrong: Whoa, whoa, slow down! I'm a scientist and that was still too fast. (full quote)