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Death at a Funeral - 2007 Movie Quotes

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mgmgirl214 Justin: I know you feel the same way, you can't fight what we had together. Martha: Justin, it was one night, it was a massive mistake, I was drunk out of my mind, you could have been a donkey! (full quote)
mgmgirl214 (While tripping on drugs)Simon: Keep it together, keep it together, you can do this... You're Simon Smith... You're a solicitor... You're a solicitor!... Eight hours! That's no problem! Eight hours will end in... (Looks at wrist) where's my watch?! (Looks at other wrist, where his watch is) Oh!... It's already been..... Seven hours to go... Oh Jesus, GOD FUUUCK!!!! (full quote)
mgmgirl214 Uncle Alfie: What's your problem? Justin: Women. Uncle Alfie: (laughs) Women, women, women... Let me tell you something about women. When I was a young man, I used to go out with most beautiful woman in the village. She'd walk into the room and everyone's eyes would turn. Everyone wanted to fuck her. And of course, she liked the attention-... I need to shit. (full quote)
tangerine I have to tell you something and I'm warning you in advance that you're not going to like it. (full quote)
mgmgirl214 Martha: What did you just say? Troy: I said that the Valium you gave to Simon wasn't actually Valium. It's an hallucinogenic concoction. You know, stuff like acid, mescaline, a little ketamine... Martha: This isn't funny Troy! Troy: I'm not being funny, look at him, he's off his tit! (Simon sticks his head in a bush) (full quote)