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Pearl Harbor - 2000 Movie Quotes

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twilightaddiction_01 1)That's BULLSHIT, McCauley!But it's...very very good bullshit... 2)thank you, sir. (full quote)
twilightaddiction_01 Hey! You know you're not supposed to paint titties on the side of my airplanes! And if you do, don't make 'em lopsided! (full quote)
twilightaddiction_01 A lot of people frown on the Yanks for not being in this war yet. I’d just like to say: If there are any more back there like you…God help anyone who goes to war with America. (full quote)
twilightaddiction_01 I need more ammo! I need more ammo, ladies! Give me more ammo! (full quote)
twilightaddiction_01 Danny, get me into a DAMN airplane! (full quote)
twilightaddiction_01 We ain't gonna let these sons of bitches get home! (full quote)
twilightaddiction_01 How d'you like it with someone shootin' back at ya? OH, I'M ON YOUR ASS NOW! (full quote)