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The Hoax - 2006 Movie Quotes

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10929 Fake. (full quote)
10929 Elmyr de Hory was his name. He forged Picassos, Matuses, Modiglianios... (full quote)
10929 He called it 'a third-rate Philip Roth knock-off.' (full quote)
10929 A man walks in, he says something completely implausible, and for that exact reason he is believed. (full quote)
10929 Harold, this book will sell more copies than the Bible. (full quote)
10929 --He's terrified the book's been leaked to the Democratic National Committee. He thinks they're sipping tea at the Watergate Hotel reading it, right now. --All right, I'll call Hunt and have him send his guys in to see if the DNC has a copy yet. (full quote)