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Driving Lessons - 2006 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
Pookie Look at all that green! Just look at it. All so... fucking green! (full quote)
Pookie I've come for my boy! (full quote)
Pookie Ben: Oh my god, you swallowed the key! Evie: Oh what a relief, he swears. Ben: You swallowed the fucking key! Evie: Better and better (full quote)
Pookie You see an attractive woman, living on her own, you wonder, is she a roaring lesbian? Answer? No! For your information I was married three times. Once to an actor, once to an English lord and once to a Californian. All work things... My mistake, You on the other hand, might well be gay. (full quote)
Pookie I need you. your my best friend. (full quote)
Pookie Ben: I'm strictly forbidden to drive a car without a qualified motorist in the vehicle. Evie: You really do know all the rules. (full quote)