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I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry - 2007 Movie Quotes

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moviemaster Are you guys homosexicals? (full quote)
moviemaster 1: what do you got? 2: Maxi Pads. 1: what, do we have vaginas now? Put it back! (full quote)
moviemaster 1: Would you wear a yarmulke? It would make my mother proud. 2: I'm not wearing a yarmulke. Come on. 1: I'm Jewish. I don't want to piss my mother off. 2: Yeah? Well, I'm Catholic. I don't want to piss Mel Gibson off. (full quote)
moviemaster 1: Domestic partnership. 2: Domestic partnership? You mean like faggots? 1: No, I mean yea but, no, not us. Obviously. Just on paper. 2: Paper faggots? (full quote)
moviemaster guy"Hey, Darla, what's the matter with you? You sound so upset." girl: "You slept with my twin sister on Saturday. That's why I'm so upset!" guy: "How do you know for sure it wasn't you?" girl: "'Cause I wasn't there." guy: "It sure looked like you were there to me." (full quote)
moviemaster 1: "Honey, how's my buddy doing?" 2: "Honey? Uh, we're expecting a full recovery. And, Mr. Levine, please address me as 'Doctor.'" 1: "Dr. Honey. Yeah, okay, you got it." (full quote)
moviemaster 1: What's going on, man? 2: Brace yourself, Larry. What I'm gonna tell you is pretty rough. They removed your entire body. You're nothing but a head now. 1: What? 2: They said that there was enough fat in your head to rebuild you a new body, so they got scientists in the other room working on it. God willing, you're gonna be alright." 1: Oh, you know, you're such a dick. (full quote)
moviemaster 1:So you've moved your relationship to the next level. How's it been going? 2: Oh, great. We've just been having sex with each other all the time." 3:Loads of sex. 2: Gay crazy sex. 3: Man on man. Loving every minute of it. 2: Yeah, balls and wieners all the way. Right here. (full quote)
moviemaster 1: "But you guys have nothing to worry about because you're a legitimate gay couple, right?" 2: "Oh, yea, we're... No, we're big-time fruits." 3: "I used to wrestle in high school and I loved it." 1: "Okay." (full quote)
moviemaster 1: "Oh, here we go. Look at this. Shampoo for permed hair. That's pretty gay." 2: "Put it in there." 1: "Okay." 2: "Bandages." 1: "Nah, it's too rugged." 2: "Really?" 1: "Q-tips, get Q-tips." 2: "Gay guys like clean ears for the licking and whatnot. Smart. What do you got?" 1: "Maxi Pads." 2: "Now we have vaginas? Put it back." (full quote)
moviemaster 1:"I also caught a bit of what you said, uh, pertaining to me." 2: "What, I'm sorry?" 1: "I heard you mention to the gentlemen that you thought I was a hottie." 2: "Oh. Yeah, you know what? I'm sorry if that come off a little weird. I was feeling..." 1: "Oh, no, no, no. It's nothing to worry about, sir. I don't bite." 2: "Oh, okay." 1: "Listen, just so you know, if you're ever home alone in the afternoons... I make drop-offs." 2: "Yeah." 1: "And I always deliver." 2: "You know what it is? I'm pretty loyal to Chuck." 1: "Right, I understand that. I'm just saying if you ever want to, uh, explore your other feelings, there's no extra postage. And it's always first-class." 2: "Alright, anything else you feel you need to say, there?" 1: "I handle with care." 2: "Okay, Ron, thank you very much. I appreciate it." 1: "I'd be happy to come in through the back door." 2: "I'm sure you would." 1: "I'm used to holding large packages." (full quote)
moviemaster And most importantly, they showed us that no matter whom we choose to love, be they heterosexual, homosexual, asexual, bisexual, trisexual, quadrisexual, pansexual, transexual, omnisexual or that thing where the chick ties the belt around your neck and tinkles on a ballon, it has absolutely nothing to do with who we are as people (full quote)
becccaaaa Who's going to pick it up? (full quote)
kryssy_tina007 1.)what Are You Doing? 2.)Im Putting A Pillow Case On My Pillow. 1.)Thats Not A Pillow Case, Its My Underwear! (full quote)