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Juno - 2007 Movie Quotes

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liesse00 Geese Banana, Shut your friken gob! (full quote)
liesse00 That ain’t no Etch-a-Sketch. This is one doodle that can’t be undid, homeskillet. (full quote)
liesse00 I thought I might, you know, nip it in the bud before it gets worse. Because I heard in health class that pregnancy often results in an infant. (full quote)
liesse00 My partner uses these every time we have intercourse. They make his balls smell like pie. (full quote)
liesse00 And the receptionist tried to give me these weird condoms that looked like grape suckers, and she told me about her boyfriend’s pie balls (full quote)
liesse00 Hey Bleeker! Spank off to this with motion lotion. Just kidding (kind of.) your best friend, Juno. (full quote)
liesse00 No, it’s not. Paulie is virile, by the way. He was very good in...chair. (full quote)
liesse00 That was my first instinct too. Or D.W.I. Anything but this. And I’m going to punch that Bleeker kid in the weiner the next time I see him. (full quote)
liesse00 Geeeerta Rauuuss! (full quote)
liesse00 She’s joking. Junebug has a wonderful sense of humor, which is just one of her many genetic gifts. (full quote)
liesse00 Shit, yeah. Close it up. (full quote)
liesse00 My wife just ordered one of those Tony Little Gazelles off the TV, you know, from the guy with the ponytail? That guy just doesn’t look right to me. (full quote)
liesse00 That’s all right. My axe is named Roosevelt. after Franklin, not Ted. Franklin was the hot one with the polio. (full quote)
liesse00 Look, if I could give it to you now, I would. But it probably looks like a Sea Monkey at this point, so I think we should leave it in there for a while until it gets a little cuter, you know? (full quote)
liesse00 Bren, youse a dick! I love it. (full quote)
liesse00 You should have gone to China. I heard they give away babies like free iPods. They shoot ‘em out of those T-shirt guns at sports events. (full quote)
liesse00 Naah. I’m already pregnant, so what other shinanagens am I gunna get into? (full quote)
liesse00 Are you kidding? Everyone at school is always grabbing at my belly. I’m like a legend. They call me the Cautionary Whale. (full quote)
liesse00 Are you having boy trouble? I gotta be honest; I don’t much approve of you dating in your condition, ‘cause... well, that’s kind of messed up. (full quote)
liesse00 Thundercats are go! (full quote)
jesskiaily Juno Macguff-The-the baby? I don't really know much about it other than, I mean, it has fingernails, allegedly. (full quote)
koreangal4ya4 Whoa! Dream big!! (full quote)
froggybubbleblue Whoa, dream big! (full quote)
EazyWeezy In my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are; good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you. The right person’s still gonna think the sun shines out your ass. That’s the kind of person worth staying with. (full quote)
dadslildevil_1012 Woah! Dream big! (full quote)
kryssy_tina007 1.) So, what's the prognosis, Fretile Myrtile? Minus or plus? 2.) I don't know yet. It's not seasoned yet. [grabs product] I'll take some of these. Nope. there is it. The little pink plus sign is so unholy. [shakes pregnancy test] 1.) That ain't no Etch-A-Sketch. This is one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet. (full quote)
kryssy_tina007 1.) Dad?! 2.) what? 1.) Either I just peed my pants or ... 2.) Or ...? 1.) THUNDERCATS ARE GO!! (full quote)
kryssy_tina007 It All Started With A Chair ... (full quote)
kryssy_tina007 1.) ... and this, of course, is Juno. 2.) Oh, like the city in Alaska? 3.) No. (full quote)
kryssy_tina007 1.) Oh, you think you're so special because you get to play Picture Pages up there? Well, my five year old daughter could do that and let me tell you, she's not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed. So why don't you go back to night school in Mantino and learn a real trade. 2.) Bren! You's a Dick! I love it! (full quote)
kryssy_tina007 1.) Yo Yo Yiggiady Yo. 2.) I'm at suicide risk. 1.) Juno? 2.) No, it's Morgan freeman. Do you have any bones that need collecting? 1.) Only the one in my pants ... 2.) I'm Pregnant. 1.)What? Honest to blog? (full quote)
gilbertthedog i think that kids get bored and they have intercourse! (full quote)