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Bring It On In It To Win It - 2007 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
sammy_girl31735 Oh girl, his abs were so... lickable. (full quote)
loveme22 I see children frolicking under a rainbow eating hormone free treats uuuh a unicorn- ruben i see mutant turtles gnawing on festering human flesh uhhhhh they eat the unicorn- sarah (full quote)
loveme22 Compare the opposing army so you may know where strength lies- brooke/ sun tzu (full quote)
loveme22 Carson's captain of their team a loser even in her dream's Brooke's got it all except one hitch she's a stuck up nasty stupid little witch (full quote)
loveme22 we're from the west coast the mighty mighty west coast we aint got no fear we're the best it is our year W-E-S-T west coast can't be beat (full quote)
loveme22 Why would anyone listen to you? you suck as a gymnist and a captain too (full quote)
puftaloon i just wanted to lick his abs! (full quote)