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Lions for Lambs - 2007 Movie Quotes

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10929 Nowhere else have I seen such lions led by such lambs. (full quote)
10929 Who never says anything even though he never stops talking. (full quote)
10929 Todd, what good is a $90,000 Benz if there's not only not enough gas in the tank, but the streets and the highways are decaying to the point of becoming Third World? (full quote)
10929 --Can you tell me, in your own words, exactly where you think we went wrong? --Worst intel in our history. Decision-makers who've never bled in a fight. Bad PR. (full quote)
10929 --And when 25% of our workers didn't function, we called it a Great Depression. --Now, what do we call 50% of our students not functioning? --A Greater Depression? (full quote)
10929 Political science, Doc. What's scientific about it, outside of maybe the psychology behind how much shit voters will swallow before they notice? (full quote)
10929 Not how to govern, not how to make anybody any better, just how to win. (full quote)
10929 You do not respond to an attack with diplomacy. (full quote)
10929 And when we're force to go back in a couple of years, and please quote me on this, we'll be squared off against a shattered Iraq, a hopeless Afghanistan, and a nuclear Iran. (full quote)