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She Fought Alone - 1995 Movie Quotes

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15499 You work all hours on your car, making sure it runs just right, you go out by the old fairgrounds and you just let it go-put down the petal and you fly till your outta gas. You lie awake nights, thinking of the interstate, outside of town, where it goes, how far you can fly away from here. (full quote)
15499 Stuff it sideways bitch! (full quote)
15499 what are you gonna do?Lock me in the closet? (full quote)
15499 Hey Caitlin, your cute sister has your pretty eyes. Hey,maybe she wants to join the crew. I could break her in. (full quote)
15499 Well you must really believe those lies going on in your head. your pretty damn good at it. (full quote)
15499 Yeah you got your Chevy all fixed up,but you got no where to go. (full quote)
15499 You know I liked your bed. The little sea shells on the sheets. (full quote)
15499 You wanna remove nail polish, try nail polish remover. (full quote)
15499 Look just let me come over to your house and ask you for a date alright, real straight? I'll sit in the living room and talk to your mom. I'll bring flowers and candy, whatever guys do. (full quote)
15499 Ok. Let's see how you like being turned inside out like me. (full quote)
15499 Hey baby you lookin good! (full quote)
15499 It's never gonna happen! I'm finished here because of Ethan and Jace! (full quote)
KCbus Maybe to you that's sex!! (slap!) (full quote)